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Treasury Graduate Program

Meet the Grads

Glenn, 2016 Graduate

“Treasury allows graduates to be at the forefront of public policy and economic analysis. In my rotations at Treasury, I have been able to play a key role in the investigation and analysis of productivity and the digital economy. This work enabled me to build my leadership, communication and stakeholder liaison skills, whilst contributing to important public policy.”

Kathryn, 2016 Graduate

“As a central agency, Treasury examines policy issues with a whole-of-government perspective. It understands both government and key stakeholder requirements and responds to changing economic and societal environments. My political and social science background enabled me to jump right into the policy development process. I have been heavily involved in policies to tackle multinational tax avoidance. This included drafting a public consultation paper and engaging with key stakeholders. Treasury provides an extensive development program with lots of opportunities for future growth.” 

Tam, 2016 Graduate

“Having studied economics and participated in not-for-profit and volunteer work at university, I wanted to work somewhere which would allow me to use my qualifications and skills to contribute to the wider community. Treasury has provided me this opportunity. I have worked on a number of significant projects ranging from the Health and Social Services policy to the Foreign Policy White Paper. The work is diverse and challenging, allowing me to continue to develop the knowledge and skills I need for a successful career.“

Cassandra, 2016 Graduate

“As a graduate, you are an important part of the Treasury team. The opportunity to work across a variety of areas has allowed me to contribute to policies that benefit all Australians. Coming from a background in law, international relations and commerce, Treasury opened my mind to the intricacies of economics while working alongside the brightest economic minds in Australia. I had the privilege of contributing to a report on the implications of Brexit on the Australian economy, an exciting opportunity to see how public policy responds in periods of unprecedented change.”

Alyson, 2016 Graduate

“The graduate program provides a challenging and rewarding opportunity to work across Treasury, building relationships and gaining experience across the organisation. My first rotation was in Social Policy, working on the issue of affordable housing.  Alongside a fantastic team of people, I was able to liaise with a variety of stakeholders including banks, community organisations and other government departments, and assist in the development of public policy. It is exciting to know that the work I am involved in can make a real change to the lives of many Australians.”