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Treasury Graduate Program

Meet the Grads

Antony, 2017 Graduate

“Treasury is a great place to work if you are interested in contributing to important issues that affect all Australians. As a graduate, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of major issues in our tax system. These were complex issues with far-reaching impacts and I was able to make key contributions in our advice to government on these significant policy areas. Treasury places value on people having an array of skills and experiences, so it should not only be considered by those who studied economics!”

Rosanna, 2017 Graduate

“Treasury is the best place to start a career in economic policy. My science and public policy background has allowed me to contribute across the department on key issues like affordable housing as well as on important corporate projects like the Progressing Women initiative. I also worked on a graduate project predicting Australia’s tax base in 2051. Despite the steep learning curve I have had opportunities to take primary responsibility for my policy and the opportunities for future growth seem endless.”

Joseph, 2017 Graduate

“Treasury trusts graduates to take on serious responsibilities in interesting work. In my first year I have represented Treasury on multiple occasions, engaging with senior leaders from both the public and private sectors. Having studied biomedical science and law I was surprised to discover that Treasury isn’t only interested in economists. It’s a place where people with a wide range of skills and experience are encouraged to make a difference. Treasury does an enormous variety of interesting and impactful work and is constantly offering staff new and exciting opportunities.”

Hannah, 2017 Graduate

“As a graduate I have the opportunity to form networks with interesting people from many different backgrounds, all willing to help each other out. During my first rotation I helped develop legislation and contributed to research and analysis on financial innovation. With my background in economics and physics, I was moving into new territory when I jumped onto the secretariat conducting a review on part of the financial law. I have been impressed by how much time everyone makes for graduates, from your team to senior leaders of the organisation.”

Kathryn, 2016 Graduate

“As a central agency, Treasury examines policy issues with a whole-of-government perspective. It understands both government and key stakeholder requirements and responds to changing economic and societal environments. My political and social science background enabled me to jump right into the policy development process. I have been heavily involved in policies to tackle multinational tax avoidance. This included drafting a public consultation paper and engaging with key stakeholders. Treasury provides an extensive development program with lots of opportunities for future growth.” 

Tam, 2016 Graduate

“Having studied economics and participated in not-for-profit and volunteer work at university, I wanted to work somewhere which would allow me to use my qualifications and skills to contribute to the wider community. Treasury has provided me this opportunity. I have worked on a number of significant projects ranging from the Health and Social Services policy to the Foreign Policy White Paper. The work is diverse and challenging, allowing me to continue to develop the knowledge and skills I need for a successful career.“