Coronavirus response testimonial

The Treasury graduate program always provides a diverse range of challenging and reward opportunities, and 2020 was no exception. We asked one recent graduate about their experience as a graduate in a year when Treasury was at the forefront of the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is your name?
Christine Seet

What university qualification/s do you hold?
Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours), majoring in Political Science and International Relations, and Economics

What university awarded these qualifications?
The University of Western Australia

What placement(s) have you had in during 2020?
Along with the rest of Treasury, 2020 graduate placements were reoriented to support the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was initially placed in Corporate and International Tax Division but spent less than a month there before joining the newly formed Coronavirus Coordination Team in March. I worked on the economic response to the virus until August, when I started my five month secondment at the Parliamentary Budget Office. I will return to Treasury in 2021 in the Intergenerational Report Taskforce within the IGR and Population Division.

What's been your most satisfying and/or challenging experience working on the Government’s response to Covid-19?
It was incredible being involved in coordinating the third tranche of the economic response to the pandemic, and helping to deliver policies that have had a significant impact for so many Australians. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of quickly adapting to — and staying on top of — changing conditions as the pandemic progressed.  I am grateful for the steep learning opportunities I was given, and for the trust placed in me by my team.

Tell us about your most memorable day at work in 2020.
A particularly memorable moment was watching the Treasurer announce JobKeeper on the television set in the office of one of its key architects. Only a week had passed since I had first joined the team, but so much had already happened that it felt like a year!

In five words, describe your experience of Treasury’s graduate program in 2020. (I’ve interpreted this to mean my experience of Treasury as a workplace in 2020)
Empowering, diverse, intellectually stimulating and enriching!

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