Meet our influencers

Meet our influencers

University of Queensland
Law & Arts Graduate

"I helped to inform legislation that will protect Australian's super packages."

University of Queensland
Economics & Finance Graduate

"I helped build a model that fights for Australians struggling with debt."

University of Western Australia
International Relations & Economics Graduate

"I've flown to the other side of the world to represent Australia's interests."

University of Wollongong
Psychology & Finance Graduate

"I advised on the welfare system and Indigenous policy."

Melbourne University and Monash University
Arts & Law Graduate

"I helped to make sure the retirement income policy system is sustainable."

Sydney University
Economics Graduate

"I helped inform Australia's stance on Digital Tax for the G20."

University of Queensland
Law & Arts Graduate

"I helped with tax reforms to support the people coming up with new technology and ideas."

University of New South Wales
Economics Graduate

"I was excited to see part of the work I've done on the Budget making the news."

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