Meet the Grads

SandhyaSandhya, 2018 Graduate

“The challenges Treasury has thrown at me make me realise the extent of my potential. Seeing policy I’ve worked on being implemented is very rewarding. My background in International Law and International Relations allows me to contribute on issues that are important in the lives of all Australians. Treasury is a stimulating and supportive place for graduates from a variety of backgrounds and offers valuable opportunities for building your career.”

TahnishaTahnisha, 2018 Graduate

“As a Treasury graduate every day is challenging – you can rarely anticipate how your work day is going to pan out. Regardless of your degree, Treasury’s wide breadth of work means that there will always be an area for you. During my first rotation I worked on reforms to natural resources tax policies and was involved in international treaty negotiations. Seeing news articles and public debate on issues that you’re directly working on makes you realise how important your work is.”

AnngaleeAnngalee, 2018 Graduate

“As a graduate at the Treasury, I’ve had many opportunities to develop skills that will be invaluable throughout my career. I’ve got to work with people from all levels of the Department and have been given more responsibility than I expected as a graduate. The environment here is so supportive and there’s such a variety of projects and policy issues to work on – you’ll definitely find something you’re passionate about to get involved in!”

TomTom, 2018 Graduate

“Graduates at Treasury are encouraged and supported to grasp unfamiliar subject material. It’s a satisfying feeling when you start to feel comfortable after a steep learning curve! As a graduate I have had the opportunity to work across policy areas including hospitals, aged care, Indigenous health and sport. If our advice to Government helps to achieve better outcomes for Australians, that makes a real difference.”

JakeJake, 2018 Graduate

“The Treasury graduate program is second to none if you’re looking to make a meaningful contribution. My placement in the Consumer and Corporations Policy Division allowed me to work on the establishment of a statutory body that will develop the financial skills of Australians. As a graduate, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with proposed reforms from a range of perspectives and gain an in-depth understanding of the effect they will have on stakeholders.”

PhillipPhillip, 2018 Graduate

“If you want to influence public policy in Australia, Treasury is the place to be. In my first rotation I worked on developing a new model that illustrates the effects of industry policy on the economy. I also had the opportunity to present the model to academics and other government agencies. It’s great to work in an organisation committed to a diverse work environment; Treasury has networks and support to ensure all staff members feel welcome.“